Best slot bonuses

extra bonusWhether you are a more experienced online slots fan, a relatively new convert or are just now considering starting to spin the reels, knowing the bonuses that you can get your hands on and how to maximise them is crucial. There isn’t really any strategies that you can implement in slots and whether or not you win is pretty much down to pure chance. But of course, the more spins you are able to get for your money, the better your odds of a jackpot or smaller win are.

There are three main categories of slots bonuses that you need to look out for. The first is the new player bonus, the second the loyalty bonuses and the third is bonus features.

New player bonuses

These are the bonuses that pretty much every online casino offers to attract new players. As you are most likely aware, the cheapest form of marketing is to give something away for free so the bonuses offered to new players are usually the most aggressive you will be offered. Make sure you choose a casino which is generous with these bonuses and don’t be afraid to switch between casinos in a spot of ‘bonus hunting’, to take advantage of these offers. There are several good sites which compare bonus offers. Usually these come in the form of matching your deposit, which can be anything up to 1000%. Which would mean if you deposit $100, you will have the equivalent of $1000 to play with.

However, like interest free deals on credit cards you have to be sure you read the small print on these offers. Firstly, some casinos are very restrictive over at what point you are able to cash out any winnings made using bonus credit. The other sting in the tail can be that the casino compensates attractive intro bonuses by skimping on ongoing loyalty bonuses so make sure that this is not the case.

Loyalty bonuses

Online casinos are not stupid and they know that if they don’t provide attractive ongoing loyalty bonuses, their slots players may well jump ship for another casino once their new player bonuses run out. While a happy player will remain with a casino, they won’t be happy long if they feel like they are missing out. When choosing a casino it is important to see what their ongoing loyalty bonuses are. Do you get extra credit every time you pay money into your account? Are there any restrictions in cashing out attached to the offers? Also, don’t be afraid to get in touch with your casino and demand better loyalty bonuses if you see that you might bet a better deal by switching to another casino. They will almost always work to keep you as a client.

Bonus features

Your odds on a particular slot game can be significantly improved if there is the opportunity to win bonus spins. Some slots have combinations which unlock bonus spins and this is something you should look out for when choosing which slot games to play on. Also, some slots are now adding in bonus rounds and mini games to add to the variety and fun.